World Statistics Day Celebration in Geneva

World Statistics Day Celebration in Geneva



20 October 2010 was the first-ever celebration of World Statistics Day. This momentous occasion served to highlight the importance and the many achievements of official statistics in a wide range of endeavours.


Because it has the world’s highest concentration of international organizations, Geneva had a unique mandate to celebrate this special day. Geneva-based organizations producing statistics of universal value wanted to make their data visible, understood and correctly used. They decided to act jointly, since the value of statistical sources increases significantly when they are merged, contributing also to addressing current global challenges from a global perspective.


The conference on 20 October 2010 discussed the role of statistics in solving the most urgent issues shaping today's economic, social and environmental agenda. Professionals, policy makers, academia and civil society had a chance to ask statistical practitioners long awaited questions that could evolve statistics into valuable tool for every day life.  

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"Let us make this historic World Statistics Day a success by acknowledging and celebrating the role of statistics in the social and economic development of our societies and by dedicating further efforts and resources to strengthening national statistical capacity"

BAN KI-MOON Secretary-General

Letter to World Leaders, July 2010