Trade Analysis Branch


The Trade Analysis Branch (TAB) of the Division on International Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities undertakes policy-oriented analytical work aimed at improving the understanding of relevant and emerging issues in international trade.

The work of the Trade Analysis Branch is part of the Research and Analysis Pillar of UNCTAD. The Branch research and analysis on international trade focuses on policy issues of particular importance for developing countries. The work program responds to priority areas as identified by member States and follows the guidelines of the Accra Accord which has reinstated the importance of economic analysis and statistical tools for improving trade policy decision-making in developing countries.

The output of the Trade Analysis Branch consists of policy and research publications, databases, and analytical toolkits for analyzing the impact of trade policy reforms. The Trade Analysis Branch also provides training and technical assistance related to its work. The Trade Analysis Branch consists of  three sections: Global and Regional Trade Policy Analysis, Trade Policy Research, and Trade Information.