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(1)  UNCTAD Commodity Development Report (UCDR) - Overview

[pdf., 32 pages]

The UNCTAD Commodities and Development Report is the flagship report on commodities published by UNCTAD. The UCDR is a a bi-annual series, with its first edition issued in 2012. It contains about 120 pages and aims to bring to a wider audience balanced economic analysis of important issues in the field of commodity trade as they pertain to energy, mining, minerals and metals, food and agriculture.

Each edition of this bi-annual report will contain a comprehensive, yet accessible, discussion of a selected topic of major relevance to policy-makers on commodity trade and development in Commodity Dependent Developing Countries (CDDCs).

The 2012 issue of the UCDR is analytical, topical and provides many interesting insights resulting from an in-depth analysis of how different commodities or commodity groups have been affected over the last decade by the commodity price boom, the ensuing crisis, and the emerging recovery; and what the implications are in terms of commodity-based development. The UCDR, in rejuvenating the debate on commodities should help to identify new policy options and facilitate dialogue amongst development partners about how to generate and sustain economic development in CDDCs.


(2) State of Commodity Dependence

[pdf., 126 pages]

The State of Commodity Dependence 2012 aims to provide an individual country overview of the commodity-related situation of 154 developing countries.
This publication also contains graphs which present a regional and global perspective of commodity dependence in the developing world over the period 2009–2010. 


(3) UNCTAD Commodity Policy Review

The Commodity Policy Review aims to be published every two years with a first edition in 2012. The CPR aims to provide a thorough and objective evaluation of a country’s commodity sector. In about 70 pages, the CPR aims to provide an analytical review of a country’s, commodity policy as it pertains to agricultural or non-agricultural commodities, commodity trade and institutions, sub-sectoral commodity specific economic analyses, commodity exchange, financing, diversification and sectoral regulations. The Commodity Policy Review provides a strategic analysis which is tailored to country specific commodity sector needs.


(4) General Assembly paper


(5) Contribution to the WESP 



UNCTAD Special Unit for Commodities working paper series on commodities and development



UNCTAD Special Unit for Commodities working paper series on commodities and development

(1) Global Commodity forum
(2) Multi-year Expert meeting


(1) Global Commodities Forum (GCF) -2012, 2011, 2010.





(2) Multi-Year Expert Meeting - 2012, 2011.



19–20 January 2012
Multi-year expert meeting on commodities and development (fourth session), Geneva



23–25 March 2011
Multi-year expert meeting on commodities and development (third session), Geneva

  • Recent developments in key commodity markets: trends and challenges. Document available in English, French and Spanish.
  • Policy actions to mitigate the impact of highly volatile prices and incomes on commoditydependent countries, and to facilitate value addition and greater participation in commodity value chains by commodity-producing countries. Document available in English, French and Spanish.
  • Innovative approaches to resolving commodity-related problems based on effective multi-stakeholder partnerships. Document available in English, French and Spanish.



(1) Commodities at a glance


N°3 - February 2012, special issue on energy


N°2 - July 2011, special issue on cotton in Africa 

N°1 - March 2011


(2) Coup d'oeil sur les produits de base



N°3 - Février 2012, édition spéciale sur l'énergie


N°2 - Juillet 2011, édition spéciale sur le coton en Afrique

N°1 - Mars 2011