Special Unit on Commodities

The State of Commodity Dependence 2012

The State of Commodity Dependence 2012 was prepared by the Special Unit on Commodities (SUC) of UNCTAD. This document aims to provide an individual country overview of the commodity-related situation of 154 developing countries. This publication also contains graphs which present a regional and global perspective of commodity dependence in the developing world over the period 2009–2010 [pdf., 126 pages].

Commodites at a Glance: Special Issue on Energy, February 2012

This quarter’s edition of UNCTAD’s Commodities at a Glance describes world energy trade, price, production and consumption trends, with a particular focus on Africa. Over the last three decades, world consumption of primary energy nearly doubled. A number of factors have been attributed to this dramatic increase in consumption including global economic growth, rapidly industrializing developing countries, increasing world population and urbanization.
English version [pdf., 67 pages] 
French version [pdf. 69 pages] 
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