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Partnership and Network Locator

Partnerships and Networking in Science and Technology for Development (UNCTAD Technology for Development Series), 2002

This paper addresses the relatively slow trickling down of formal partnering to the majority of firms in developing countries and argues the need for government strategies and policy intervention. It also explores informal partnering through networks and clusters as an alternative way for many developing country firms to acquire competitiveness and to meet the minimum prerequisites in terms of capabilities in order to graduate to formal partnership.

Making North-South Research Partnerships Work, 1999

With a focus on the field of biosciences, the first part of this paper offers a set of practical recommendations for creating and managing North-South research networks. The second part of the paper discusses three policy issues: (i) the financial sustainability of North-South research networks; (ii) the problematic asymmetry that is prevalent in many of these networks, in that Northern partners or donors often dominate these partnerships; and (iii) the slow adoption of Internet technology to enhance information management and exchange.

 Technology partnerships: learning from country experiences: