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Public Symposium
22-24 June, 2011

UNCTAD's third Public Symposium provided a venue for multi-stakeholder dialogue on topics likely to dominate the global political agenda in 2011 and 2012.



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Key Themes:

  • Financial and monetary reforms for sustainable development: global and regional initiatives
    What are the global and regional initiatives needed to avert new crises and make trade and finance work for full and productive employment, reduce inequalities and promote sustainable development?
  • Making the transition to a green economy fair and equitable
    How can the transition to a green economy, in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, be made fair at the national and international levels?   Read More »

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Read the complete report on the discussions including the summaries to the plenary
and breakout sessions of the 2011 Public Symposium, see the Publication.

Participants from civil society, the private sector, parliamentarians, academia, the media, international organizations and governments will have an opportunity to exchange views and proposals on these issues, notably in relation to the following processes:

  • UNCTAD XIII, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (2012)
  • Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (2012)
  • G20 Summit (2011)

The programme will include a combination of plenary and breakout sessions organized by UNCTAD, civil society organizations (CSOs) and partner organizations. On 22 and 23 June, participants will debate the above themes. On 24 June, CSOs will be able to organize strategy sessions related to key political processes underway (G20, UNCTAD XIII, Rio+20).


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The symposium is organized in cooperation with the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS) and other partner organizations.


IN 23 June 2011

“FAIR AND EQUITABLE” Should be aim of reforms to Global Financial System, shift to a greener economy

Mark Halle, one of a series of experts addressing UNCTAD’s third Public Symposium this week, said it best: “A green economy that’s not fair and equitable isn’t a green economy.”. UNCTAD Information Note >>

201123 June 2011

Making the transition to a green economy fair and equitable

hifting to "green" economic growth is inevitable, UNCTAD Public Symposium panellists said - but difficult. Among other things, it must support rather than hinder efforts to raise living standards in developing countries. More >>

2011 22 June 2011

Symposium panellists are clear: crisis isn´t over

Experts addressing UNCTAD's Public Symposium say now is not the time for austerity measures leading to drastic cuts to social safety nets. For the poor, the recession continues, and financial reforms are still needed. ". More >>


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