Global Commodities Forum 2012
Global Commodities Forum 2012


The UNCTAD Global Commodities Forum (GCF), is a major multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss and find better solutions to perennial problems of the commodity economy.

Theme of GCF 2012: "Globalization and Commodity Trade: Harnessing Development Gains from Commodity Production".

GCF 2012 will also address key issues relating to the sovereign debt crisis, and trade related innovations developed in response to the credit crunch. A special session will be held for stakeholders to discuss opportunities for collaboration - focusing on private sector solutions to the challenges faced by developing countries.


Global Commodities Forum highlights need for practical solutions

1 February 12 - Focusing on the event theme, "Harnessing development gains from commodities production and trade", participants sought ways to turn the momentum of recent high-level multilateral work on commodities into practical development projects.

Forum debates development issues related to poor countries

23 January 12 - Ways must be found for poor nations to retain more of the value derived from the farm goods and natural resources that are the mainstays of many of their economies, experts said this morning at the third Global Commodities Forum, hosted by UNCTAD.

Meeting to consider how developing countries can enhance benefits from exports of farm goods, natural resources

20 January 12 - The Global Commodities Forum will focus on how poor countries can gain more lasting value from their exports of agricultural products and natural resources. The GCF 2012 will also address credit costs, rising prices for food and energy imports.

Who Should Attend?

High-level government officials in charge of mineral resources and agriculture, corporate leaders involved in the production, trading, financing and distributing of hydrocarbons, metals, and food, representatives of international organisations, authoritative experts, academics and NGOs specializing in commodity issues.

Participants will attend in their personal capacities.

Specialized agencies and intergovernmental bodies wishing to participate in the meeting, as well as NGOs in the general category and those in the special category wishing to participate as observers, are requested to inform the UNCTAD secretariat of the names of their representatives by 9 January 2012.


The GCF 2012 will open on 23 January 2012
in Rooms XVIII and XXVI of the E-Building,
Palais de Nations, Geneva

Palais de Nations, Geneva