WSIS follow-up

CSTD five-year review


The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the General Assembly requested the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) to carry out a five year review of progress in the implementation of, and follow-up to, the outcome of the World Summit on the Information Society.

Pursuant to ECOSEC E/2006/46, this review seeks to identify areas where progress has been made and where progress has been slow. It further identifies obstacles and constraints encountered as well as actions and initiatives to overcome them and important measures for further implementation of WSIS outcomes.  The review also considers how changes in the ICT landscape may call for either increased or reduced attention to certain areas.

The report draws on existing reports and open consultation with all stakeholders, including UN and other intergovernmental agencies, governments, ICT sector associations and agencies, and private sector and civil society actors.

The principal issues in this consultation were set out in a questionnaire; the deadline for responses was 14 December 2010.

The written responses have been compiled and are now available. We invite you to use the button below to view them.


About CSTD

The CSTD is a subsidiary body of ECOSOC.

The Commission provides the General Assembly and ECOSOC with high-level advice on relevant science and technology issues.

UNCTAD is responsible for the substantive servicing of the Commission.

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